Cultural Pass Official Rules & FAQs

Cultural Pass Challenge – Summer 2014

Challenge Basics:
Who: All Children from Louisville/Jefferson County, KY (0-College) + one adult chaperon if child is under 16 (only one adult admission will be granted regardless of the number of passes).

How: Children and parents can pick up a pass from local Louisville Free Public Library branches or Metro Parks Community Centers. Pass must be presented upon entrance to gain free admission.  The pass will be punched to indicate a visit.

What: Pass allows FREE general admission access to child and chaperon (if child is under 16).   Only one visit per pass per institution will be allowed.  Special exhibits and programs are not included with the pass.  Attendees must observe all venue rules and restrictions.

When: Pass will be valid from June 9, 2014-August 13, 2014.

The Challenge:  If a child visits 8 sites, they will be entered to win family tickets to the Lion King donated by Louisville Theatrical Associations - Broadway in Louisville and tickets for the Mayor’s Box for the Louisville Bats.   Winners will be selected by drawing on or about September 5, 2014.

Official Rules and Restrictions:

  1. Participants must be residents of Louisville/Jefferson County, KY.
  2. Only one adult will receive free entry per visit, if child is under 16, regardless of the number of passes.
  3. Each child is eligible for one pass.
  4. All rules and regulations for specific sites must be followed to gain entry.  Please note special restrictions for some participating organizations printed on the Cultural Pass.
  5. Pass is valid for one-time general admission at each of the participating institutions.  No special exhibits or concessions are included with the Cultural Pass.
  6. Organizations reserve the right to deny entry if rules and restrictions of the Cultural Pass are abused. 
  7. The Pass is not valid for group visits at Frazier History Museum, Kentucky Derby Museum, Kentucky Science Center, Louisville Zoo and Yew Dell Botanical Gardens.
  8. Parking for Louisville Zoo is not included.
  9. The Pass is not valid with other institution offers.

Prize Eligibility: Upon completion of the Cultural Pass Challenge, participants must return it to their local Louisville Free Public Library Branch or Metro Parks Community Center no later than August 25, 2014 to be eligible for the prize drawing, which will take place on or about September 5, 2014.

Participating Institutions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do people get a pass?  Passes may be picked up at Louisville Free Public branches or Louisville Metro Parks Community Centers. 

Are people from other counties/states eligible to participate? (Oldham, Bullitt, Southern Indiana, etc.) Only residents of Louisville/Jefferson County, KY are eligible for the pass. 

What ages are eligible to participate?  All children from 0-College provided they are residents of Louisville/Jefferson County, KY.

What does “College” mean?  The pass is meant for children.  “Traditional college” students (approx. age 22) are able to gain entry with their student ID and Cultural Pass.

Is there any sort of registration done on the front-end when people pick up the pass? A registration form must be completed when a pass is picked up.   

Are there a limited number of passes available? There are not a limited number of passes. 

Do children need to be present for a parent to get the pass?  No, parents can pick the passes up without the child(ren) present.  The registration form for all children must be completed upon pass pick-up.

Are daycares/summer camps able to pick up passes for all the children at their site? No, individual children and parents need to complete the registration form and obtain individual passes.

Does the pass include special exhibits? No, the pass is only eligible for general admission. Special exhibits, concessions, rides, movies and other features are not included.

Do all institutions have the same rules? No certain institutions have put restrictions on their free access.  See the official rules and restrictions for the list of restriction.

How do children receive their prizes? At this time there are two prizes: a grand prize for visiting 8 or more participating organizations – 4 tickets to the Broadway Production of The Lion King in March 2015.  This prize is available for those children that complete 8 or more visits. 

All children are encouraged to turn in their pass at the end of the challenge to be entered to win tickets for the Mayor’s Box at a Louisville Bats Baseball game.  Other prizes may be announced.

Contact information must be completed on the back of the Cultural Pass and returned to a Louisville Free Public Library branch or Metro Parks Community Center. 

Passes must be turned in no later than August 25, 2014.  Drawing for prizes will occur on or about September 5, 2014.  Winners will be notified upon drawing.

  Posted on June 9, 2014

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